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Each day iFi AI with watsonx combines millions of news articles with macro, fundamental, technical, and other alternative data to provide you forecasted returns with confidence values and transparency.

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Forecast Price Movements

The forecasted returns are derived from probabilistic models. The models examine the historical and current signal data via pattern recognition. Each forecasted return is associated with a forecasted high and low. The difference between the high and low values varies based on the confidence value. A higher confidence value will result in a smaller spread between the low and high forecasts. The opposite is true for a low confidence value.

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Decide Confidently

Each return forecast is associated with a confidence value. The confidence value examines both the historical and current signal data environment to identify the level of patterns in the signals. Additionally, the confidence value incorporates both the historical volatility of the security and the historical forecast accuracy.

A higher confidence value indicates a higher degree of pattern recognition in the signals allowing you to place more trust in the return forecast.

iFi Investment Tools

See the Transparency

See all of the signals that contributed to a forecasted return including the most positive and negative signals. The signals span across sentiment, technicals, fundamentals, and macro data points. Read the AI Generative Summary to better understand the signals and news that drove the forecasted return.

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Screen for the Best

Screener allows you to combine the expected forecasts, confidence values, and accuracy to identify the highest ranked stocks across all three. Heatmaps help you visualize where the market opportunities and risks are hiding.


Identify Thematic Trends

Using large language models and billions of global documents investors can now quickly determine which companies have the highest thematic exposures to the most exciting market trends.

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Read the Most Impactful Events

The events section provides you with the most critical stock, ETF, and market events measured by both sentiment and the impact it has on both market and security forecasts.

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