About i-fi

Revolutionizing Investing with AI

iFi AI is democratizing smarter investing by harnessing a world’s worth of information through the power of artificial intelligence. Our AI-powered stock research platform allows investors to unlock comprehensive insights into specific companies and to build and monitor curated selections of stocks, delivering a truly game-changing tool for stock market investors.

Our Partnership with IBM and Watsonx: Powering the Future

In partnership with IBM and Watsonx, the world’s most robust generative AI and scientific data platform, iFi AI combines relevant information from millions of news articles with macro, fundamental, and technical signals, along with alternative data to provide forecasted returns for stocks. Expect exceptional transparency as we assign confidence values to each prediction, so our users know what to trade and when to trade it.

Unlocking Market Potential: iFi AI for Every Investor

With $6 billion in institutional assets already powered by our AI, our proprietary technology is now available to individual traders for the first time. Cut through the noise, seize the opportunities, and uncover your next great trade with iFi AI.

The iFi AI Advantage: AI-Powered Stock Research Platform

Empowering Every Investor, Big or Small. Gain comprehensive insights into a curated selection of stocks and funds, including all prominent companies in major indices like the S&P 500. Explore up-to-the-minute stock prices, the latest news, detailed financials, AI-driven forecasts, interactive charts, and much more with iFi AI.

Forecasting with Confidence: Our AI at Your Service

The forecasted returns are derived from probabilistic models, examining historical and current signal data via pattern recognition. Each return forecast is associated with a confidence value, allowing you to decide confidently on your next investment.