How iFi AI Works

iFi AI is democratizing smarter investing by harnessing a world’s worth of information through the power of artificial intelligence. Our AI-powered stock research platform works with you and for you, allowing investors to unlock comprehensive insights into specific companies, build and monitor curated selections of stocks, and track forecasted returns.

In partnership with IBM and watsonx, the world’s most robust generative AI and scientific data platform, iFi AI combines the information from millions of news articles with macro, fundamental and technical signals, along with alternative data sources to provide forecasted returns for 1,000+ stocks and ETFs. Expect exceptional transparency as iFi AI assigns confidence scores to each prediction, so our users know what to trade, when to trade it, and why.

With $6 billion in institutional assets already powered by our AI, our proprietary technology is now available to individual traders for the first time. Cut through the noise, seize the opportunities and uncover your next great trade with iFi AI.

iFi AI’s Forecasts

iFi AI analyzes US stocks and ETFs.

Our AI transforms hundreds of complex signals and millions of data points to make predictive forecasts that are easy-to-understand. These forecasts utilize a 30 day investment horizon and various other prediction horizons are coming soon, including single day.

These forecasted returns are derived from probabilistic models which are trained to recognize patterns across a vast amount of historical data and events including market, financial, macro, technical, patent, news, social, and other data points. The models learn how different data patterns and combinations contribute to a security’s return and match patterns in the historical trained data with current real-time signal data. Unlike other AI-powered equity research platforms, each iFi AI forecasted return is associated with a forecasted high and low based on our confidence scores. A higher confidence score results in a smaller spread between the low and high forecasts. A low confidence score will result in a wider spread.

The higher the confidence score the higher the degree of pattern recognition our AI is finding across those millions of signals, allowing you to place more trust in the return forecast.

Investors can observe all of the signals that contributed to a forecasted return and confidence scores, including the most positive and negative signals. These signals span across sentiment, technicals, fundamentals, and macro data points, and AI generative summaries are available to help investors better understand the signals and news that drove the forecasted returns and confidence scores. Forecasts are continually analyzed by our deep learning models so that the models can continuously learn and improve from each and every forecast. The strongest AI continues to learn and the strongest users of AI do as well, that is why iFi AI is committed to complete transparency and ongoing education around our platform and AI-powered approaches in general.

Our Artificial Intelligence calculates probabilities, not certainties. The forecasts, the signals and our best ideas should be used as useful but not infallible information to complement your own investment decision process.

Our Best Ideas: Stocks and ETFs

Our Best Ideas section highlights potential trades that iFi AI believes have the highest probability of delivering positive returns. To do this, we combine high forecasted positive returns, confidence, and historical accuracy. We believe this mix is a winning recipe to identify not just what securities may have the highest rates of return but also the highest probability of a forecast being correct.

The two biggest drivers of the best ideas are the forecast and the confidence score, as that score already captures the historical forecast accuracy and volatility of the security. Accuracy scores primarily measure whether the forecasted positive or negative direction was correct and secondarily the difference between the forecasted value and actual price.

When you view iFi AI’s best ideas, expect to see securities that have both high forecasts and high confidence scores. You will not see securities with extremely high forecasts and low confidence scores.

For example, a security with a high forecast and low confidence score does not mean that the forecast will not come true, just that the probability is low, similar to how one might describe a venture investment. Although we provide our best ideas, each investor will need to decide what level of risk is most appropriate for them, which is why we provide confidence scores and tools like the screeners and heatmaps.

Screeners and Heatmaps

If you want to build your own stock criteria, then iFi AI has you covered. Use the stock screener to quickly sort through your personal criteria whether that is based on opportunity metrics such as forecast and confidence or other criteria such a sector or market capitalization.

If you are more of a visual person, then check out our heatmaps. Heatmaps help you visualize where the market opportunities and risks are hiding. Use the quick sort function to see and rank the opportunities in which you are most interested, including many you may not have yet considered.


Leverage our search function to quickly find the stocks you care most about. Search companies by both ticker symbol and company name. You will then be brought to the stock analysis page for further research.

Stock/ETF Analysis

Stock and ETF analysis starts with the forecasted 30 day return in both percentage and price. Additional data around the forecast such as the confidence score, the historical accuracy, and how that forecast ranks within various investment universes, is provided.


Far too often, AI approaches are held in a “black box.” iFi AI is transparent and explainable. Our users can observe all of the signals that contribute to a forecasted return, whether positive or negative. These signals span across sentiment, technical, fundamental, and macro data points and are unique for each security.

For example, the most critical signals for Nvidia will be very different from those for Goldman Sachs or GameStop. You can read the AI generative summary to better understand the signals and news that drove specific return forecasts. Along with the AI generative summary we quantify the most important concepts for a security such as “Bitcoin”, “Metaverse”, or “Generative AI.” Additionally, you can see the most impactful news events and the sentiment around those events.

You have the ability to view the historical accuracy, forecasts, and confidence scores allowing you to decide confidently on your next investment. After all, trading is as much about the “what” as it is about the “when” and the “why.”


Using large language models and billions of global documents, iFi AI with watsonx applies a multi-dimensional thematic lens to capture a company’s financial and news exposures and its perceived connection to an AI Enriched Theme. First, billions of concepts are extracted from global documents and aggregated using IBM Watson’s natural language processing and our graphical database. The concepts’ interconnections are calculated and then mapped to a company to quantify its exposure to a specific theme such as “Generative AI” or “Bitcoin.” Investors can quickly determine which companies have the highest thematic exposures to the most exciting market trends.

Check out the prebuilt theme section as we continue to add more themes and the option of building new themes on demand coming very soon.

The Technology Behind iFi AI

Our Forecasts are calculated by our Artificial Intelligence deep learning models and IBM’s watsonx, the world’s most robust generative AI and scientific data platform, which analyzes millions of global news articles in dozens of languages to keep you ahead of the markets as news breaks. Our probabilistic models analyze hundreds of various signals across macro, fundamental, technical, and other alternative data. These models continuously learn, constantly seeking to improve the next forecast. There are $6 billion in institutional assets following these same AI models that are now available to individual traders for the first time ever.

Use Cases

Build and Optimize Your Portfolio Using AI Forecasts and Watchlist

iFi AI’s forecasts can be useful to decide which stocks and ETFs to add, hold, or discard in your portfolio, taking into account a 30 day investment horizon (additional horizons coming soon!).

iFi AI allows you to create a watchlist, depending on the plan you choose. You can monitor your watchlist’s AI forecasts for any changes on your stocks and ETFs. Use the watchlist to optimize your portfolio and stay informed about your portfolio’s overall forecasts.

Know what to trade and when to trade it

Using the historical AI forecasts, you can easily see the evolution in time of a stock or ETF's forecasts.

This is an important iFi AI feature that allows you to have a long-term view of how a specific stock or ETF has evolved, better equipping you to identify the most opportunistic moment to add to or discard your position. Opportunity, after all, is what all traders seek. With iFi AI, fewer opportunities remain hidden, and more portfolios stand to benefit from the power of our platform.